AB 21%

AB 21% formula is our original protein level for antler growth although the formula is a far cry from the basic formula that we started with in 2008. However it is a high performing feed that may fit your budget better while still delivering impressive results.  With an independent lab tested (#2 among all feeds) 72% Un-Degraded protein yields an Un-degraded Protein Content of 15.1%. The average Un-Degraded Protein content of the rest of the feeds on the market is approximately 10.7% - 50% less than AB 21%! Please make sure to follow the links to Protein Quality and Fiber Content on the Feed Specs page to learn more about these two critical aspects of a high performing feed.

The AB 21% has been fed on over 1,000 properties across the country.  The results have been well documented and we have seed 10-20 inches of gross antler score increase time after time.  Due to it’s success and price point, we are definitely keeping this feed in our Antler Boost arsenal!

AB 21% comes in two forms – Pellets and Granular.  Use Pellets for gravity feeders and Granular for troughs and feeding off the ground.  The Granular form is normally $3 less expensive per 50 lb bag because there is no pelleting cost.  Unlike Monster Pellets, we do not recommend ever feeding the AB 21% Pellets off the ground.  Fat runs 5% in the AB 21% pellets and approximately 7% in the AB 21% granular.

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