Monster 28%

Monster formula is the newest and most exciting antler development product that we have developed at Antler Boost.  It is comprised of the most cutting edge ingredients with the highest levels of Un-Degraded protein in the deer feed industry.  All the ingredients are heat treated when made giving the feed more weather resistant capability than any feed we have ever developed.  This weather resistance allows Monster to be fed on the ground to older bucks that simply will not come to a feeder.  Why only grow younger bucks – feed the older bucks that you want to harvest!

All of these capabilities are what makes this Antler Boost formula a MONSTER!  And Monsters are what you can grow on this feed.  We have had this feed out in the field for the past two years and the results have been even beyond our wildest expectations with 30-40 inches of gross score increase.  With an independent lab tested (#1 among all feeds) 72% Un-Degraded protein on a crude protein that hovers around 30% when tested but guaranteed at 28%.  Combined with a long fiber length, great fiber content, and excellent fiber score as well as the optimum fat level of 8% this is the most complete feed we have ever put together.  And the results in the field and the feed lab show it!

Those numbers yield an Un-degraded Protein Content of 21.6% and a Degraded Protein Content of 8.4% - the Degraded Protein Content is well below the maximum of 16%.  The average Un-Degraded Protein content of the rest of the feeds on the market is approximately 10.7% - half of Antler Boost Monster! That is a whole lot more performance from our Monster formula.  Please make sure to follow the links to Protein Quality and Fiber Content on the Feed Specs page to learn more about these two critical aspects of a high performing feed.

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