Peanut Power is made from finely ground whole roasted peanuts.  Grinding roasted peanuts releases the intense aroma making the smell 10 times stronger.  Peanut Power is used in all of our whole grain feeds and the attractants below.  It's what has made our products so famous for their attraction and consumption!  We discovered the power of ground roasted peanuts in our 15th year in the deer feed business and it CHANGED OUR GAME!  Now you can buy it in an 8 net ounce shaker can for easy use - it will fit in your pocket! See the back of the label pic for how to use as a Feed Flavorant, Stand Alone Attractant, and Powerful Cover Scent!

Order Peanut Power at a wholesale price by the case HERE:


Maxx Attraxx – This is our whole grain attractant that includes roasted peanuts, corn, soybeans, and PEANUT POWER.  The Peanut Power is the key to this product and brings bucks out into daylight.  They can’t resist it.  Comes in 50 lb bags and doubles as a fall and winter maintenance feed (Click here to the specs)

Maxx Attraxx Plus – Contains all of the ingredients of Maxx Attraxx PLUS whole roasted peanuts (no shells).

Buck Draw – A lower price point attractant that consists of whole corn, pellets, and flavored with our PEANUT POWER.  Comes in 50 lb bags (Click here to the specs)


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