Even though we have been in business since 2008, Antler Boost chose not to enter the loose mineral business.  Why?  Because it does not make practical sense if you understand how minerals leach out and break down in the soil.  Our background in soil fertility and agronomy makes that easy to understand.

On the opposite side of the coin we have watched how deer crave the natural micro-minerals in the unrefined Rocky Mountain mineral salt available in the “rocks” that have been on the market.  The only issue for us was how quickly those rocks dissolved in natural form – basically the same problem of mineral loss that loose mineral has.

Well our solution came in 2022 where we teamed up with a company in the Rocky Mountains that can take the unrefined mineral salt of those rocks, crush them, and then compress them into a solid 44 lb block that holds up in the weather!  They can also add additional loose minerals that don’t leach like a loose mineral and we have trail camera documented deer using them YEAR-ROUND including HIGH USAGE IN COLD TEMPS when their bodies crave electrolytes – not just during warm months!

Unlike “rocks” our compressed blocks made of the same unrefined mineral rock are holding up for 8+ months out in the weather giving outstanding value!  Here are the two mineral blocks we have developed:

The Boost Block – made up exclusively of unrefined mineral salt that is the exact same material as the “rocks” but hold up with 20 times longer.  We recommend using these any time of the year. 

Boost Block Maxx – constructed the same as The Boost Block but with added minerals and garlic.  Garlic has been shown to repel ticks, fleas, and other warm weather pests.   We recommend getting these out in early spring before warm weather hits.  Label and picture coming soon.

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