All Antler Boost feed formulas are designed to give your deer maximum antler growth, milk production, immune system performance, and body health using these key targets:

  • • High energy levels
  • • Best protein quality
  • • Maximum fat content for high consumption
  • • Proper fiber quality for rumen (stomach) stability

We offer Pelleted, Whole Grain, and Hybrid formulas to achieve the highest nutritional performance in the industry.  We also offer Breeder formulas that have some critical ingredients for deer that rely on this feed for 100% of their diet.


Pelleted Formulas

Our pelleted feeds rely on Extruded/Roasted Peanut Meal to anchor the mix which also contains other peanut, soybean, and wheat products with 5% fat levels to deliver high consumption and energy.  We do not use ground corn in our pellets.  The extruded/roasted process increases protein quality in the feed and also maximizes pellet structural strength – that results in low fines/dust.  Here is the current lineup of Pellet formulas:

16% - makes a great fall/winter maintenance feed or an economical spring/summer choice (Click here to the specs)

21% - designed for spring/summer feeding we’ve been making this mix since 2008 setting the standard for the deer industry (Click here to the specs)

28% - our maximum formula for spring/summer feeding.  It will give your deer maximum growth in the pellet market (Click here to the specs)














Whole Grain Formulas

Our whole grain formulas utilize the energy power of soybeans, corn, and even roasted peanuts to get incredible growth performance.  At a given protein level, they are at a higher price point than our pelleted formulas so that must be taken into account when choosing a feed.  One major advantage is moisture resistance which is much higher in our whole grain formulas including the option of pouring the feed right on the ground without the use of a feeder and also being able to use a spin feeder.  Here is the current lineup of whole grain formulas:

AB 16% - makes a great year round feed.  Also doubles as a winter attractant (Click here to the specs)

AB 24/7 – a super high performing spring/summer feed with 24% protein level (Click here to the specs)

Monster 32% - the highest performing spring/summer feed we offer.  If you want to grow a MONSTER this is the feed for you!  (Click here to the specs)




Hybrid FormulaS

Our hybrid formulas bring the best of both worlds together using pellets and whole grains.  The price point falls right between Pellets and Whole Grains as does the energy levels which allows someone that wants more energy and higher weather resistance at a little better price point.  Here are the hybrid formulas:

Hybrid 16% - great all-around feed for your herd (Click here to the specs)

Hybrid 20% - excellent high energy spring/summer feed (Click here to the specs)



Breeder Formulas

Our breeder formulas utilize soy hulls as the primary fiber source to maximize rumen pH stability.  These are pelleted feeds that utilize more soybean meal than the pelleted formulas listed above.  These are formulas that meet the needs of small pen deer.  Here are the breeder formulas:

15% Breeder – a great year round feed especially for does (Click here to the specs)

20% Breeder – spring/summer feed for the more stressful hotter months (Click here to the specs)

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